Julian Carroll Doesn’t Care What You Want

Kentucky State Senator and former Governor Julian Carroll tells CNN he doesn’t care what independent voters want. He wants them to pick between Kentucky’s two Totally Awesome Parties or, as he suggested to one independent voter, “move to another country.”

For anyone paying attention, it should be pretty clear that Julian Carroll doesn’t care what anyone wants except the constituencies that return him to office. After all, he represents Frankfort. Frankfort produces two things: some of the world’s finest bourbon and some of the country’s most hair-curling infringements on personal and economic liberty. Some of us indulge in the former to deal with the latter.

In any case, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Senator from Frankfort doesn’t care about the many and varied constituencies that actually produce the wealth that Carroll is so gleeful about spending.

A few years ago Carroll filed a bill to give retired teachers enhanced health insurance benefits. Think about what that means. He wanted to give free stuff to people who are no longer producing anything on behalf of taxpayers. In the actuarial analysis of the bill, that free stuff (extra health insurance benefits) would have amounted to $2.35 billion over the first ten years of implementation. That’s $2.35 billion to people who are out of the government workforce and no longer contributing anything to Kentucky taxpayers. If there are about a million or so working Kentuckians, that’s an extra tax bite of $2000 or more that Julian Carroll wants to take from each of them.