Vegas in One Sentence

“In Vegas, not so much a city that became a metaphor as a metaphor that became a city, you have America’s two great contributions to modern civilization: annihilation and fun.” – Steve Erickson

The Sweet Death of Capitalism

From America’s Most Trusted News Source, “Continued Existence Of Edible Arrangements Disproves Central Tenets Of Capitalism”:

Even many of the nation’s staunchest neoliberal economists, who have long advocated laissez-faire policies, acknowledged that the ideas of F.A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, and Milton Friedman cannot account for how Edible Arrangements operates from more than 1,000 locations in 13 countries, including Hong Kong, Italy, India, and Kuwait.

“Clearly the invisible hand has led us astray when it allows for the continued existence of a store that manufactures ‘Sympathy Blossoms’ of chocolate-dipped orange slices for funerals and wakes,” said N. Gregory Mankiw, a former economic adviser to George W. Bush. “And when people are buying 3,000 ‘Orange You Gonna Feel Better Soon?’ bouquets a day, the idea of consumers as ‘rational actors’ goes out the window pretty fast.”

There goes my education.

The Case for Obama in 2012

“Ed from North Carolina, Gladys from Nevada, Mike from New York: They get it. The past couple of years have kind of sucked, so there’s only one clear choice for president: The guy who’s been in office for the past couple of years.” – Nick Gillespie