An Evening with Karl Hess and Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson is among my favorite writers. Karl Hess was among the first libertarians (er, well, anarchists) I read in high school. As a former speechwriter for Barry Goldwater, it’s quite likely many of Goldwater’s written words were infused with Hess’s influence. This video is an evening discussion between the two of them. Special bonus: They appear to be sharing a cigarette (of sorts) during the discussion.

All Hail Pope Bob!

Dr. Robert Anton Wilson was the author (along with Robert Shea) of the popular Illuminatus! trilogy, which won the Prometheus Hall of Fame award for science fiction in 1986. His other books have found great acclaim as well, many of them achieving “cult classic” status. Wilson has been described at various times throughout his life as a novelist, philosopher, psychologist, essayist, editor, playwright, poet, futurist, civil libertarian and agnostic mystic.

In this video from the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nominating Convention in 1987, Wilson treats the audience to a humorous and irreverent talk about everything from the state of world politics to a discussion on metaphysics, chemistry, and the nature of reality.

Download the mp3 version of this lecture here.