Fox News Error

Fox News made an odd error today. The story, “Cheney Likens Meg Whitman to Reagan in California Gubernatorial Endorsement,” includes the following:

[Former Vice President Dick] Cheney, who took the Tea Party route in endorsing Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul in Tuesday’s primary, went more mainstream in supporting Whitman, who was a co-chair to Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. Whitman is in a three-way race for the nomination against state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner and Tea Party favorite Chuck DeVore.

Cheney, in fact, did not endorse Dr. Paul. He endorsed Dr. Paul’s opponent, Trey Grayson. I think it’s laughable to suggest that Cheney has any love for the Tea Partiers or Rand Paul, whose father spent much of 2008 savaging the Bush/Cheney foreign policy.