CPAC’s Big(ger) Tent

Here are a few notables from the Conservative Political Action Conference last week:

  • The forces attempting to keep GOProud, a gay conservative group, from sponsoring CPAC ultimately failed.
  • Jerry Falwell’s inaptly named Liberty University law school dropped out of CPAC because of it.
  • The guy from Students for Liberty, Alexander McCobin, got cheers when he wisely praised CPAC for its inclusion of GOProud.
  • Ryan Sorba, the turd who had a little tantrum aimed at CPAC for the same action, was booed. Big time. I can’t fathom what he was thinking. I do look forward to Mr. Sorba’s forthcoming explanation of why natural rights demands that we be intolerant toward gays. Also, can you really speak for a group called “California Young Americans for Freedom” if you’re clearly the least tolerant guy in the room?
  • One percent of CPAC attendees listed “stopping gay marriage” as one of two top priorities. Less than one percent (perhaps no one) listed “stopping gay marriage” as their number one priority.
  • Ron Paul, the anti-war and gay-tolerant Republican, won the straw poll.