Jacob Grier May Well Not Be As Bad As I’ve Made Him Out to Be

For those of you who are aware of my longstanding distaste for the beer/food/tobacco/marrow snobbery of Jacob Grier, you may be surprised to learn that I recently chatted with him on the subject of the FDA’s relatively new powers to regulate tobacco and related products. Enjoy.

Virtually identical audio-only podcast here.

As a guilt-ridden occasional smoker of tobacco products, I find it pretty insulting that the FDA’s rules might drive occasional smokers to indulge in more dangerous products by keeping potentially safer products off the market. For example, I have a hard time believing that the e-cigarette is more harmful than Marlboro Lights.

Full Disclosure: Jacob Grier is an underemployed magician/barfly/boozologist who has crafted among the best cocktails I’ve ever had. Buy his book. Read his blog.