Neocon Brainhurt

Can someone please explain this sentence to me?

Republican hawks say they are firmly confident that the [Republican] party is, in its heart, more sympathetic to the George W. Bush agenda of expanding freedom and fighting terrorism, than to the Rand-style focus on limiting the government’s security powers that many congressional Republicans have recently embraced.

I think you could make a plausible case that George W. Bush did his level best to expand freedom by devolving Social Security to individuals and reform immigration, but those are things that libertarian-leaning Republicans would agree with. Also, they’re not foreign policy or security issues. And if that’s not what hawks mean by “expanding freedom,” then whose freedom was expanded in the Bush years? And what kind of world do we live in where limiting government power isn’t a core Republican tenet?

Fancy Farm 2010

For any politico, there may be nothing more refreshing and raw than the Fancy Farm picnic held each year in Western Kentucky. I’ve tried to describe it to people before, but experience it during an intense election cycle and you’ll see that the event defies clear explanation.

C-SPAN thankfully was able to attend this year. Have a taste.

Update: Via a commenter, I learn that C-SPAN used the KET feed.

Fox News Error

Fox News made an odd error today. The story, “Cheney Likens Meg Whitman to Reagan in California Gubernatorial Endorsement,” includes the following:

[Former Vice President Dick] Cheney, who took the Tea Party route in endorsing Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul in Tuesday’s primary, went more mainstream in supporting Whitman, who was a co-chair to Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. Whitman is in a three-way race for the nomination against state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner and Tea Party favorite Chuck DeVore.

Cheney, in fact, did not endorse Dr. Paul. He endorsed Dr. Paul’s opponent, Trey Grayson. I think it’s laughable to suggest that Cheney has any love for the Tea Partiers or Rand Paul, whose father spent much of 2008 savaging the Bush/Cheney foreign policy.

A Few Good Nugs

“Why did Hollywood have such a jones for Roberto Benigini for like a year? In retrospect, it’s like everyone in Tinseltown lost their minds over Benny Hill or something.” – The 10 Worst Scifi Snubs In Oscar History

“[Rand] Paul is the scourge of the Republican establishment, especially the home-grown Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is backing Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson in the primary.” – Running for Senate, Rand Paul lights a fire under Kentucky GOP

Film Industry to Iowa: Make Our Corrupt Tax Credit Bigger: “… film industry leaders suggested capping the credit at $75 million per year instead of the current $50 million, which film production companies went through all too quickly on purchases such as a Mercedes and a Land Rober that film producers kept for themselves.”

Admission: I probably would have already bought this vest to carry all my gizmos and stuff were it not for the men modeling them. I already carry around too much stuff. The vest would, I fear, merely transfer to me the opportunity to carry more junk, not carry the junk I have more efficiently.