Hey Fanboy! Girls!

Megan McArdle on why pickup artists sound an awful lot like girls ages 14-17:

Spending all of your time thinking about how to attract the opposite sex? Check. Practicing poses in the mirror to figure out which ones are most attractive? Check. Talking about it endlessly with your friends who only seem to care about the same, one, thing? Check. Increasingly elaborate strategems for getting attention? Check. Eventual evolution of said strategems into rituals as mechanical as playing the opening levels of an old-style video game? Check. If I close my eyes, I can still smell the bubble-gum scented lip gloss . . .

These pickup artists seem to be hobbyists of the same ilk as those who get way, way into science fiction TV shows or renaissance fairs or Phish or Transformers. I have to admit the pickup artists seem way more desperate.