Steve Beshear Gets a C

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear landed solidly in the middle of the pack on the Cato Institute’s report card on governors’ fiscal policies:

Governor Beshear pushed through a doubling of the state cigarette tax from 30 cents to 60 cents per pack and an increase in taxes on wine, beer, and liquor. He has focused on redesigning the state’s many tax credits, and he signed into law an expansion of those special interest giveaways in 2009. Beshear’s spending record is not particularly good. He proposed increases the past two years even though governors in many states were cutting spending because of the recession.

Here’s a related podcast.

Some of Beshear’s proposed spending increases depended on legalizing some forms of gambling in Kentucky. Beshear likely knew that the expanded gambling legislation was a dead letter before he proposed it, but he did it anyway. Kentucky does have a weak governor’s office, but that’s no reason to actively support new spending with no credible way to pay for it.