Ron Paul’s Bit of Dirty Pool

I like Ron Paul a whole lot. As politicians go, he’s definitely in the top percentile. But this ad is dirty pool.

You don’t compare annual income to net worth in the same chart. You just don’t. It’s inapt and it’s beneath Ron Paul. It should be taken down.

That being said, Newt Gingrich has no moral center, no regard for liberty and deserves every truthful attack sent his way. Carry on.

  • Point well made and taken.

    Looking at the figures given, Newt’s net worth isn’t so outrageous given the boom years that were experienced by those invested in the stock market during much of his adult life. Ten speeches a year at $60,000 per speech = $600,000 x 10 years = $6 million. I don’t find anything wrong with making money, earning a legal living.

    I know the libertarians love R. Paul, and I like him on some issues, but certainly not on cutting the military. “Peace through power.” I think Richard Nixon said that.

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