Taggart Gobbles Up Kentucky Subsidies?

Maybe “Taggart” isn’t the best name for a company that may well devour $300,000 in special-interest tax breaks from Kentuckians. From the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce press release:

Taggart Solar, LLC has announced its plans to locate a new manufacturing facility in the Edmonson County Industrial Park in Edmonson County in a 10,000-sq-ft leased building. The company will employ 30 individuals when the project is complete. The project’s announced capital investment is more than $440,000.

And the company’s president is … oh dear.

“We’re extremely excited to announce our plans to locate in Edmonson County,” said Dagney Johnson, president of Taggart Solar. “We’ve been very impressed with the community, the leadership of the elected officials, and the assistance that everyone has provided to make this project happen. I’m confident that South Central Kentucky is going to be a place of success for Taggart Solar.”

Emphasis mine. That’s right, a woman named Dagney is president of a company named Taggart that will get special tax treatment courtesy of Kentucky taxpayers. So much for not living at the expense of others. Am I right, folks?

The company has been given approval for as much as $300,000 in tax breaks to create an impressive 30 full-time jobs. At a price of $10,000 in tax breaks per job, even a big-time Washington insider like Wesley Mouch would be envious of whoever brokered such a sweetheart deal.