Wild Cards

The St. Louis Cardinals are in the postseason again. Oh, wait. Sorry. I meant to say #Postseason. There we go. That’s better.

I don’t like this whole play-in game idea. Seems like another way to sneak in another eventual round of playoffs, but my team has a stake in it this year, so I’m not all that upset. I’ve made a wager with Jason Pye of United Liberty on the game’s outcome. He’ll win a case of Guinness tall cans and I’ll win a case of Dale’s Pale Ale. I’ll be honest. I do expect the Braves to win. They’ve got their ace on the mound and the Cards have a pretty poor record against Methlanta. That said, after the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals’ hard-to-believe season, I simply can’t count my team out until they are mathematically eliminated.

May the best team win!

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