A Steak House … for Women

I’ve long said that if I wanted to go to a fantastic wings joint, I’d go to a fantastic wings joint. And if I wanted to go to a strip club, I’d go to a strip club. For those reasons (among others) I rarely go to Hooters, which has always seemed to be a less-than-satisfying hybrid of a wings joint and a strip club.

Enter STK, a steakhouse aimed at women. Judging by the video promotional material, it looks to be a steakhouse aimed at men who want to sidle up to groups of drunk women.

The branding on the company website reads – in descending font size – “Atmosphere / Temptation / Steak.” I simply can’t abide a place that puts the promise of sex before properly prepared red meat.

I have no doubt that it will succeed in the DMV, but that’s mainly because I have a fairly low opinion of the average D.C. guy. (via DCIST)