Kentucky Attorney General v. Free Advice

In a parallel universe, U.S. Senator Jack Conway is presently writing legislation to license all newspaper columnists who purport to provide free (and worth it!) advice. In this universe, he’s just trying to shut down one columnist for advising without a license.

From the video description:

In May 2013, John Rosemond—America’s longest running newspaper columnist—received an astonishing order from the Kentucky attorney general: Stop publishing your advice column in the Bluegrass State or face fines and jail. The attorney general and Kentucky’s psychologist licensing board believe that John’s column, which is syndicated in more than 200 papers nationwide, constitutes the “unlicensed practice of psychology” in Kentucky when it appears in a Kentucky newspaper. Kentucky’s crackdown is part of a national surge in the abuse of occupational licensing laws to censor advice.

Kentucky’s already got a poor track record with occupational licensing.

An additional note to Jack Conway: The Institute for Justice has both the capacity and will to make your office look foolish, unprincipled, shortsighted and craven on a very public stage should you choose to dig in for the long fight.