Six Degrees of Brett Kavanaugh

In 2010, Ryan Young and I had an op-ed in IBD detailing how a recent regulation would empower the IRS to license tax preparers. We argued that it was a bad idea for several reasons. To my knowledge, we were the first people to write about this particular illegal IRS scheme.

At the time I was dating a girl who later became my wife. Her grandfather, as luck would have it, is a tax preparer. He would have been put out of business immediately if that regulation had persisted.

My girlfriend, now wife, worked at the Institute for Justice. Her grandfather soon became one of three clients in a case handed by IJ challenging that regulation. The case was Loving (et al) v. IRS.

Now I’m searching for interesting opinions from Brett Kavanaugh since he’s been nominated to the Supreme Court and I have to have some idea of what he’s done as a judge, and wouldn’t you know it …