A Wager: Doubling Down on the Cardinals

1031933xFriend and Braves devotee Jason Pye eventually made good on a wager by delivering a case of Dale’s Pale Ale to me after the Cardinals defeated his Braves in the Not-Really-a-Playoff Wild Card(s) Game. That game offered all of us baseball fans a good chance to brush up on the infield fly rule.

The series between the Cardinals and the Braves offers us an opportunity to renew this wager. Instead of beer, the winner shall receive a fifth of the underrated Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Here’s hoping the better of the two first-place teams emerges victorious. And if that doesn’t work, go Cards!

Wild Cards

The St. Louis Cardinals are in the postseason again. Oh, wait. Sorry. I meant to say #Postseason. There we go. That’s better.

I don’t like this whole play-in game idea. Seems like another way to sneak in another eventual round of playoffs, but my team has a stake in it this year, so I’m not all that upset. I’ve made a wager with Jason Pye of United Liberty on the game’s outcome. He’ll win a case of Guinness tall cans and I’ll win a case of Dale’s Pale Ale. I’ll be honest. I do expect the Braves to win. They’ve got their ace on the mound and the Cards have a pretty poor record against Methlanta. That said, after the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals’ hard-to-believe season, I simply can’t count my team out until they are mathematically eliminated.

May the best team win!