Tonight in Louisville: More #BreonnaTaylor Protests

It’s gut-wrenching to see my hometown like this.

It’s pretty clear what protestors are asking for. They want to feel that justice for Breonna Taylor is done, and they have every right to demand it.

My fear right now is that protests last night have set the stage for a potentially very different and more violent engagement with police tonight. Here’s hoping that police decide that the best response isn’t heavy handed.

Legacy of Smoot-Hawley

This video (from 2011) held up just fine …

The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act was a grave error for U.S. trade policy. As the United States slid into depression, the act represented a desperation move by Congress and President Hoover. Since then, presidents have regarded free trade as the rule rather than the exception. Economist Douglas A. Irwin discusses the Smoot-Hawley Act and its legacy.

Related: Here’s a brief history of U.S. trade policy with Irwin I recorded earlier this year:

The Terrible 32s

I sometimes wonder if the parents who chuckle knowingly at stories like these ever sense that they’ve utterly failed at the most basic child-rearing tasks:

Your 32-year-old may make outrageous demands incommensurate with the $87.04 in crumpled bills and pennies in her Mason jar. For instance: beginning the day with a $10 green juice after a night of picklebacks and one-dollar pizza; pursuing another M.F.A. degree; living in Park Slope “independently” instead of with four roommates.

Rather than flatly refuse, we recommend gentle compromise: suggesting she convert to canned V8; advising her to put her poetry and fiction M.F.A.s to use before plunging into the lucrative world of printmaking; and noting that “independently” suggests “without subsidies,” which, you’ve been meaning to tell her, are ending soon.

Still, it’s pretty funny. RTWT.

“Liberterian” Party in DC

Instead of yelling, “You had one job! One job!” about it, I’ll just draw your attention to this: an actual voter registration form for the District of Columbia:


Full image here. (Hat tip Heather Curry, who discovered this problem.)

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All Hail Pope Bob!

Dr. Robert Anton Wilson was the author (along with Robert Shea) of the popular Illuminatus! trilogy, which won the Prometheus Hall of Fame award for science fiction in 1986. His other books have found great acclaim as well, many of them achieving “cult classic” status. Wilson has been described at various times throughout his life as a novelist, philosopher, psychologist, essayist, editor, playwright, poet, futurist, civil libertarian and agnostic mystic.

In this video from the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nominating Convention in 1987, Wilson treats the audience to a humorous and irreverent talk about everything from the state of world politics to a discussion on metaphysics, chemistry, and the nature of reality.

Download the mp3 version of this lecture here.