Cato Institute “a right wing extremist group”

From the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:

While Richard Hanna is only 15 months removed from being rejected by Upstate New Yorkers, his commitment to extremist groups and their out of touch policies is just as strong as ever.  Hanna’s out of touch principles remain at odds with the best interest of Upstate New Yorkers and as a result, he shouldn’t expect this second campaign to end any differently than his first.

While making today’s announcement that he will once again run for Congress in New York’s 24th district, Hanna also launched a new campaign website where he shamelessly touts his ties to the CATO Institute, a right wing extremist group that has long been a vocal advocate for extremist, unfair trade policies that would allow companies to ship American jobs overseas.

It’s true. They’re right. Cato’s chairman just recently (!) wrote in especially extremist fashion on behalf of the moral and constitutional case for a right to gay marriage. Cato, like many right wing extremist groups, advocates an end to the War on Drugs. Right wing extremist Nat Hentoff recently joined Cato as a senior fellow after having spent 50 years at the right-wing Village Voice. And you really just can’t be a credible right wing extremist group without urging an end to the Cuba embargo. The nutjobs also opposed the Iraq War before (!) it started. Some of them openly smoke pot, too.

Update: Radley Balko has more.