Why Won’t Someone Create a Gun Law That Works? D.C. Has, Right?

I thought I’d misheard this, but apparently not.

“The fact that D.C. criminals have to import their guns from other jurisdictions demonstrates that D.C.’s strict gun laws actually work.”

That’s Dennis Henigan with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence making the laughably ridiculous and meaningless statement.

Funny, then, that Henigan is the author of a book entitled Lethal Logic: Exploding the Myths that Paralyze American Gun Policy. I guess technically his quote above isn’t a myth. More of a tautology.

Has complicating the relatively new (post Heller) process of firearms registration for residents who want to follow the law made D.C. safer? By Henigan’s own reckoning, shouldn’t the murder-by-gun rate count as evidence one way or another as to the effectiveness of a gun law better than, say, the existence of the law itself?